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Project Funds and Grants

DFI currently has two grant programs.  

Committee Project Fund

The Committee Project Fund which provides board-designated funds annually toward projects identified by DFI Committees as research that will advance the state of practice and understanding of deep foundations and produce a usable deliverable. Proposals must be submitted to a relevant DFI committee for endorsement and submission to the review board for consideration of funding. It is recommended that researchers submit their proposals to the DFI committee of choice well in advance of the December 1 submission deadline as committee needs to review and agree upon submission.

Women in Deep Foundations (WIDF) Professional Development Grants

The Women in Deep Foundations Professional Development Grants sponsored by the DFI Educational Trust and DFI’s Women in Deep Foundations Committee.  The grants are provided to women involved in the design and construction of deep foundations with a goal of increasing networking opportunities and improving retention of female professionals in the deep foundations industry. Applications, essays and letters of recommendation are sought each Spring.