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Hal Hunt Lecture Series

Hal Hunt

The Hal Hunt Lecture was established in 1989. The lecture was named in honor of Hal W. Hunt, one of the initial organizers of DFI. From inception to 2014 notable communicators in the deep foundations industry were awarded this honor to provide presentations at DFI’s conference each year.  Beginning with DFI’s 40th Anniversary Conference in 2015, celebrities with inspirational and motivating stories have been invited to deliver the lecture.

Hal Hunt Lecturers

Sponsored Lecturers

2023 Seattle, WA
Ken Jennings
2022 National Harbor, MD
Steph DavisEmbracing Change
2021 Las Vegas, NV
Jim AbbottAdapting to Challenge and Overcoming Adversity
2020 DFI 45 Online Conference
Michael ShermanAn Overview of the Federal Commemorative Works Process in Washington, D.C.
2019 Chicago, IL
Linda AlvaradoEmbracing Change: It is Brains, Not Just Brawn
2018 Anaheim, CA
Carl LewisTaking Command: You Can Do That
2017 New Orleans, LA
Archie ManningThe Manning Playbook for Communication and Leadership
2016 New York, NY
Dr. Mae JemisonExploring the Frontiers of Science and Human Potential
2015 Oakland, CA
Billy BeaneMoneyball: Lessons for Life and Business from Baseball’s Best General Manager

Notable Communicators in the Deep Foundations Industry

2014 Atlanta, GA
Paul W. MayneGeotechnical Site Characterization: Communicating Between Planet Earth and the Pile Designer
2013 Phoenix, AZ
Grady Gammage, Jr.Sustaining Phoenix
2012 Houston, TX
James PappasDifferent Challenges with Changing Technologies
2011 Boston, MA
Craig OlmstedFoundation Challenges for America’s First Offshore Wind Project
2010 Hollywood, CA
James (Jim) DavisLeadership, Opportunities and Life
2009 Kansas City, MO
Jean-Louis BriaudTechnical Communications – Humor and Philosophy
2008 New York, NY
Peter E. Mac KennaInnovations in Methods and Equipment
2007 Colorado Springs, CO
Fred H. KulhawyCommunicating Technical Issues with Levity and Panache
2006 Washington, D.C.
Peter CaliCommunicating Risk – Post Katrina: How did we get into this mess and what do we do about it?
2005 Chicago, IL
Stan KaderbekEngineers in Government
2004 Vancouver, BC
Wayne SavignyCommunicating the Impact of Lower Mainland Geology on Foundation Design
2003 Miami Beach, FL
Al DiMillioCommunications: The Right Way, The Wrong Way and the Government Way
2002 San Diego, CA
Scot LitkeLeadership, Management, and Implementation: Communication, the Uncommon Thread
2001 St. Louis, MO
Bengt H. FelleniusPitfalls of Communication
2000 New York, NY
Bengt B. BromsLessons from the Collapse of the New World Hotel in Singapore
1999 Dearborn, MI
Howard B. StussmanConstruction Trends, Issues and Answers
1998 Seattle, WA
Ron A. LewisCommunication: The Key to Successful Construction
1997 Toronto, Ontario
C. William BerminghamCommunications
1996 San Francisco, CA
Melvin FebeshCommunication-The Key to Good Relations
1995 Charleston, SC
Peter J. NicholsonThe Information Age: Innovation in Construction??
1994 Boston, MA
Jorj O. OsterbergContractors, Suppliers, Engineers and Professors
1993 Pittsburgh, PA
Clyde N. Baker Jr.Deep Foundations for the World’s Tallest Building Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur
1992 New Orleans, LA
George G. GobleCommunication of Technical Innovation
1991 Chicago, IL
Robert G. LenzReplacement Mississippi River Lock & Dam 26
1990 Seattle, WA
Joseph S. WardInvestigation of Deep Foundations Failures
1989 Baltimore, MD
John DunnicliffGeotechnical Communication-Let’s Make it Better